Are you good with technology? Would you like to volunteer as a “Tech Volunteer” at the Lyme Library?

“Tech Volunteers” at the Lyme Public Library

The Lyme Public Library is seeking tech-savvy volunteers of all ages to help at regularly scheduled “Tech Sessions” at the library. These special sessions will help local residents by providing one-on-one assistance with their technology issues “Tech volunteers” will be helping patrons  with everything from how to use Twitter, Facebook and Zoom, email assistance, setting up new smartphones or e-readers, teaching patrons how to run updates on their devices in order to improve functionality, helping with photo editing, teaching patrons how to use Google Drive, or how to install and use the library’s Libby App to download digital materials as well as showing people how to find online tools and tutorials for self-study at home.

“Tech Sessions” will be arranged by appointment (in order to work within the volunteer’s schedules) and attendees will be asked before they book their appointments what technology issues they need support with in order to match up the best volunteer with the patron in need.

If “Tech Volunteers” are comfortable with walk-ins who have not scheduled appointments in advance library staff will work with the “tech volunteer” to set up the best days that they can simply be at the library for general tech support and will advertise this to the public. Both daytime and evening “walk-in technology sessions” will be needed but not necessarily by the same “tech volunteer”

Volunteering at the Lyme Library is a great opportunity for those with free time to use their skills to help local residents and it is a fun way to get to know your neighbors. In many cases it provides a wonderful opportunity to establish cross-generational friendships.

If you are interested in becoming a “tech volunteer” please email the Lyme Library Director, Melissa Fournier at using the subject line: “ I would like to become a “tech volunteer’ or simply come to the library and speak to a staff member.