Lyme Public Library Zoom Usage Policy

Approved December 2, 2020

Part 1

  1. Anyone hosting a program or meeting using the Library’s Zoom account may not share the login and password with anyone unless given permission by the Library Director or Library Board Chair. The Zoom account may only be used for Library or Town of Lyme related meetings or programs.
  2. Zoom account settings may not be changed by anyone except the Library Director or Library Board Chair.
  3. For security reasons, all Zoom links for Library programs will originate from the Library’s email account. Link for Library programs will be sent only to program presenters and those who have registered through the library. Links may not be forwarded without permission of the Library Director.
  4. Library Zoom programs will not be recorded except at the specific request of the program presenter.
  5. When the program begins, the host has the option of muting all participants until the speaker is finished and ready to answer questions.
  6. All participants are expected to follow the regulations as outlined in the library’s virtual program attendance policy (Part 2 or this document)
  7. Library staff, Board Members, or Town of Lyme Officials who host meetings vis the Library’s Zoom account have the authority to determine whether the meetings will be recorded and whether meeting attendees may forward links to others.
  8. To avoid conflicts, meeting and program dates should be reviewed by the Library Director or Library Board Chair before scheduling.

Part 2

Virtual Program Attendance

  1. Anyone wishing to attend a virtual Library program via Zoom or other applications must register by emailing to receive the invitation link. For security reasons, you may not forward the link you receive to others.
  2. In order for everyone to enjoy these programs, attendees must maintain proper etiquette during the session. Such protocols include:
  • Muting your device when not speaking
  • Not unmuting until recognized by the host or speaker such as during a Q&A session
  • Wearing of appropriate apparel
  • Not acting in a rude or distracting manner
  • When speaking use your normal voice and be respectful of others in the session
  1. Failure to must your device during a session may result in the host muting your device. You will not be able to unmute your device until the host has again recognizes your desire to speak and unmutes your device.
  2. Failure to abide by these regulations could also result in inability to attend future Library programs.