Lending Policies

The following lending policies and charges are effective as of October 2017

All Books

New books may be borrowed for two weeks.
Books in regular circulation may be borrowed for three weeks and may be renewed twice unless they have been reserved.


DVDs of individual film titles in the Library’s permanent collection may be borrowed for one week. DVDs of TV series may be borrowed for two weeks. New and in-demand titles, and titles in the rotating collection may be borrowed for two days.

Compact Discs

Music CDs may be borrowed for three weeks. Audio books on CD may be borrowed for two weeks.

Other Items

Back issues of magazines may circulate for 3 weeks.

Other Services

Fax service is available at $1.00 a page for outgoing pages and $0.50 a page for incoming pages. Photo copies are 25 cents each.
The first five pages of computer printout are free. Additional pages are 25 cents each.

Overdue Items Policy

Effective for due dates after October 1, 2017 library materials returned after their scheduled returned dates will no longer incur a late fee. Patrons will be informed when a borrowed item was returned past its due date and will be asked to make a totally voluntary donation to the library to help offset any additional costs incurred and/or possible inconvenience to other borrowers. Patrons may want to use the following guidelines in determining an amount to donate.

DVDs – $2.00 per day
Books, magazines, audio books $ .10 per day
Museum passes – $5.00 per day

Patrons who have materials four weeks overdue or more will be blocked from borrowing until the materials are returned or they pay for them.