Regulations for Virtual Library Programs Attendees

1. Anyone wishing to attend a virtual Library program via Zoom or other applications must register by emailing to receive the invitation link. For security reasons, you may not forward the link you receive to others.

2. In order for everyone to enjoy these programs, attendees must maintain proper etiquette during the session. Such protocols include:

  • Muting your device when not speaking
  • Not unmuting until recognized by the host or speaker such as during a Q&A session
  • Wearing of appropriate apparel
  • Not acting in a rude or distracting manner
  • When speaking use your normal voice and be respectful of others in the session

3. Failure to mute your device during a session may result in the host muting your device. You will not be able to unmute your device until the host has again recognized your desire to speak and unmutes your device.

4. Failure to abide by these regulations could also result in an inability to attend future Library programs.