Outside Organizations Participation at the Book Sale

Approved December 8, 2010

  1. The Library is a public organization and supports the efforts of local community, public, charitable and non-profit organizations. Such organizations are welcome to set up information tables and booths at the annual Library Book Sale.
  1. Application must be made to the Library Director at least one week prior to the book sale, and it must be approved by the Library Director, President of the Library Board of Directors and the Book Sale Chairperson. Acceptance will be on a first come basis and is determined by the amount of space deemed available each year.
  1. Organizations will be assigned a location by the book sale chairperson and are responsible for bringing their own furniture and displays, for manning the table, and for setting up and breaking down.
  1. Tables will be for passive informational activities only. Representatives are restricted to handing out material and engaging interested parties in conversation. Active solicitation and disruptive behavior are not allowed. The book sale chairperson or the Library Director shall be the final authority in all questions of conduct.